Dr. Drew Fehsenfeld, MD PhD

Dr. Fehsenfeld

Patient Testimonials – Dr. Drew Fehsenfeld, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Houston Texas

I recently developed quite a bit of pain and lack of mobility in my left shoulder. My wife had previously had her rotator cuff repaired by Dr. “Drew” Frehsenfeld, so I called his office for an appointment. After a preliminary examination and subsequent MRI, he informed me that I had considerable damage and that surgery should be considered. Being beyond the age of 65, I suppose that it was natural for me to be a little apprehensive and a lot concerned. Doctor Drew explained everything regarding the surgery and more important, the recovery process. He was very up front regarding the healing process after surgery and that if I didn’t follow his instructions and those of the therapist, the process might even be less enjoyable.

I did follow his instructions and those of the therapist. It has now been 3 months since my surgery. I am not 100% yet, but getting closer every day. I do know that I am a lot better off today than when I originally went into his office.

I would not hesitate to use Dr. Drew, in the future for any operation within his repertoire. Nor would I hesitate to recommend him to family or friends. His professionalism and those of the entire staff made an uncomfortable point in my life, rewarding and almost pleasurable.

– JH

What can you say about a doctor that really and truly knows what he’s doing, is dedicated and OH…really cares about people too. When someone asks me “Who put you back together after you destroyed your leg/knee?” I can say with pride, my friend Dr. Drew Fehsenfeld. In my opinion he is the best…PERIOD!

– LJ